Hog Operation
Bluegrass music from 
Louisville, Kentucky 
Welcome to Hog Operation
Hog Operation is part of the Kentucky Arts Council's Performing Arts Directory

We're members of the American Federation of Musicians

Hog Operation is a Louisville, Kentucky based ensemble steeped in Kentucky’s rich music tradition. This group gives high-energy performances created by the cross-pollination of many American roots music styles including blues, bluegrass, Celtic, country and rock. 

Hog Operation plays a style of supercharged bluegrass music using traditional instrumentation—guitar, banjo, bass, fiddle and mandolin—that accompany smooth harmony vocals. The players are Steve Cooley (banjo), John Hawkins (guitar), Larry Raley (bass), and Mike Schroeder (mandolin and fiddle).

We perform at concerts, festivals, private engagements, conventions, special events and weddings. Give us a call to check on availability and pricing.

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Contact Mike Schroeder (502) 451-0045 or

Steve Cooley (502) 435-9089

Hog Operation
2643 Park Drive
Louisville KY 40205

Mike Schroeder michaelaschroeder@att.net

Steve Cooley stevecooleybanjo@me.com

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